If the paint on your chairs is cracked or peeling, it will need to be removed. How did you finish them? However in the sanded areas ,of the chairs I am currently working on, the spray paint looks a lot lighter and uneven. You have to seal the paint whether you distress or not. I would like to paint my bathroom vanity in a white color (but not too white), do you have a suggestion for me as to a shade to choose? Inspect the chairs to make sure you didn’t miss any spots, spray them if you did. The look just like they did the day that I painted them. Been searching for a table and round rug exactly like yours. Can you recommend a sander for small furniture, chairs, bookshelves, etc? Can’t wait to see the fabric. Conventional spray paints work best for painting outdoor furniture made of wicker, wood and metal. 3) Painting the chairs. just practice a little with it and you will be fine! Show us your finished piece. 4. For small pieces of furniture with lots of small surfaces and edges, I love the ease of spray paint. If the furniture will receive frequent rain, look for paint with a rust inhibitor. How much paint did you use for the chairs? Love your dining room! Scotch Brite Pads. Easily calculate how much paint you'll need to complete your next job or project with Sherwin-Williams' Paint Calculator. I have a dining room set with a metal design on the back of the chairs. One can of MBP will paint six chairs! Prime with BIN or KILZ primer, then paint with your color. Wipe clean with a tack cloth. Buff the chairs after first coat of paint is dry. Let the paint dry completely for a few hours. Hi Debbie!! Physical disabilities keep me from using a paint brush or roller on this thing. I’ve not used their paint before but am considering trying it out, along with the paint sprayer you used. I can’t believe how spray painting the dining chairs changed the room! Do you ‘have’ to use a sprayer or would it be OK to simply spray from the can? I have a similar table and am wanting to paint it as well. That was exactly what I needed and set out to figure out how to spray paint our nursery rocking chair. I using this in my home office (not living room) and the only reason I'm painting it is because the finish attracts dust like a magnet. Loving your blog! I used the  HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer ,  I have used it several times and the results were great and fast. That being said, you will won’t to do several coats to get great coverage! These can cost anywhere from $200-$1200, though. Chairs are the hardest to paint but that sprayer really helps! I do believe the hubby has one, I just need to get it out and practice. How can I resurface one side of a metal file cabinet? Lastly, have you used this sprayer to do a poly coat? You sound just like my family who I adore (my Mom’s side in NC). Quick tips for spray painting plastic furniture: Find a chair or piece of furniture. Thanks! Get an estimate on how much paint you’ll need for your home. Debbie… these chairs look fantastic and what an easy tutorial. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How can I convert my swivel chair into a free standing chair? If the real issue is dust this may work. Love the accent ;-). How many cans of spray pain do i need for 4 Doble french doors and to regular doors. Fantastic job… it’s really beautiful! Or is it ok with this paint not to? Love my “new” chair. And if that’s not enough,  I’m changing the fabric on the seats. How many coats of paint did you do with the sprayer? Applied to a metallic surface of the cars as a protective coating, enamel is a semi-transparent glossy or opaque solution. Hi what inspiration for a beginner like me! There are two types of inline water filters you can get. Please tell me your chairs aren’t a “one of a kind/thrift store score/hand me down” because I adore them! Have to look into that sprayer! To understand the requirement of how much paint to paint a car, let’s consider an example here. The paint gave the fabric an almost oil-cloth look and texture, which I love. Large cans may be the most cost-effective option when painting large, linear metal objects such as fences and backsplashes, but spray paints (e.g., Rust-oleum Hammered Metal Finish Spray… Your results depend on the paint that you use. However, I seem to be going through the paint quicker than I thought! Liza, I waxed them with White Lime Wax from Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint. Fill  with paint to the 800 ml. How to remove sour milk odor from car carpet? Why not just use chalk paint or latex paint instead of spray paint? You'll have a problem if it is. For the most durable job, this is the first of two coats on most surfaces, the first of three on the chair … They look to be just an inch or so to close together, but that’s just me. So I do a light coat and go pull weeds and then come back and do the next coat. Also, make sure to scroll down under the chart to see more considerations which may affect your paint quantity. Just started following your website/blog…and just saw your post on your dinning room chairs….they turned out great. How many Cans of the Best Spray Paint you Need to Spray Paint Patio Furniture that is Metal. An interpreter!! Good luck with your refurbish! You can use a spray bottle or a paint sprayer (more about that in next step). Do you have any issues with overspray? Thank you~ Your dining room set looks beautiful! Best Spray Paint for Furniture. Polyurethane? are almost the exact set as yours! He has all the tricks and experience. Spray Paint Your Dining Chairs […], […] update a dining set by just painting the chairs. In this quick video and blog post I’ll talk about a common question that a lot of newbie auto painters ask themselves. As far as inline filters, these remove the majority of the moisture from your airline to avoid contaminating your paint, spray pattern, or spray gun. I love this look. So if I wash it down with a deglosser then use this product applying several light coats, then a couple of coats of Clear that should do it. This is exactly what I want to do with my chairs!! Do you remember where you bought them? I’ve always feared I wouldn’t be able to use a paint sprayer, so they have sat there…undone. I have never wet sanded before and gave it a try tonight as it’s raining on and off and we’re garageless… Well it’s a game changer!! Then, hold the can 10-16” away from the chair and spray in a steady sweeping motion. Good luck! Make your own chalk paint and redo the piece in any color you make. don’t overspray! Love the new fresh look! From a fellow Georgian, I can say your accent is great. This is a large piece to use spray paint. […], […] spruce up with a coat of colorful paint and use again. You made my day Therese, I don’t know if I ever thought my accent was sweet! Be safe, use gloves, mask and eye protection. Sand out light scratches and dings, as they will show when you paint your chair. After the chairs. Via […], […] out a new paint sprayer from HomeRight and hosting a giveaway, so you can win one and try it! Let the chair dry. What is your recommendation – keeping in mind that we have a dog and 3 little boys that are super active, so chairs will be used frequently! Great job! How to Spray Paint Wicker Furniture – Today, I want to share with you how to spray paint wicker furniture. Did you sand your chairs before painting? Follow the directions for the paint that you choose, it will usually say whether it’s made for metal or not or if you need a primer. They go beautifully with the table. I think we all hate painting chairs L . Beautiful job on the chairs!! You will need two 8 oz bottles of fabric medium for every quart of paint used. Tips to know how much paint to paint a car Enamel Paint. CHAIRS: When painting chairs, begin by inverting them and painting the bottom first. I’ve only ever used Benjamin Moore or Behr, so I’m not familiar with chalk paint. Penny, I used a chalk-based paint. Cynthia. First of all I LOVE how your project turned out! xx Sherry. b) how many coats of paint did you do? I have been wanting to repaint out table and chairs but just haven’t got up the nerve to tackle the job. Thanks Jill, I bought them at Hank’s Fine Furniture in Bentonville Arkansas! Repeat step 5. Once the primer has dried, you can now add your color. Pinning this beautiful dining set! If you choose to prime, add another 8 - 12+ cans of paint. How can I clean white spots or water rings off a table? And on the painted legs wax or polyurethane? Thanks . I saw where you said the chairs came from Hanks furniture in Arizona. Everything looks beautiful. Debbie. Hey!! or set up a home-made spray booth, fashioned out of an appliance cardboard box. You still would need to wash it down, lightly sand the piece to remove any gloss and create a tooth for paint. Once finished I noticed a lot of drip marks so I sanded them off and planned to spray paint the entire chair with Rustoleum white gloss enamel (which I did with another pair of chairs from the same set). It is easy to make and covers great even MDF pieces. That is until last weekend when Barry asked, when are you going to paint the dining room furniture and I said…. I have an old, beat, round pedestal table w/ chairs similar to yours in my storage room. When using spray paint and primer, wear safety glasses and a dust mask for protection from paint mist. - Fox Hollow Cottage, DIY Bloggers BEST Projects - My Repurposed Life™, Sharing My Creative Journey on the Blogland Tour - Refresh Restyle, Affordable White Porcelain Dishes Farmhouse Style. If you’re going to stop painting for 30 minutes or more, I would wash the sprayer completely and start over when you’re ready. I used Maison Blanche and it is a chalk based paint. I have a long dresser and 2 nightstands (with 3 drawers each) that have been beaten up pretty badly in the process of moving 5 times in 5 years. To ensure the best results, always follow the How to Prep Like a Pro Tips here . I also loved hearing your voice on the video. Examine the finish on the chairs. Most chalk paints don’t require sanding, but you need to clean it well. You already know how southern I am Have a wonderful day! Anyway I was wondering what you did to prep your chairs for painting. Step 4 - Paint. As a general rule, when you are changing the look of your piece and going from a DARK to a LIGHT colour, you will need more coats of paint, therefore you may require a bit more paint … Where did you find your rug? Smiles! Hi Debbie!! Turn your piece over and paint any areas that will be seen. How do I get rid of the smell of my straw jute rug? Hi Debbie! Get some Static Guard (in the laundry section at the supermarket) spray it onto your dust rag and wipe while it is still damp, keep the rag damp with the spray and it should help keep the dust off of the shelves and easier to get off when you do dust. 7. Beautiful! Cobblestone would be too dark for what you’re looking for. PAINT: Shake your can of Ultra Cover 2X Gloss spray paint in Gloss Ocean Mist for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Warmly, Carolyn from CT, I used a white chalk lime wax over the chairs, cobblestone without the lime wax is a beige-gray. Did you enjoy the video? Shake the spray can before painting according to instructions. My favorite part of the post. Lol!!! Debbie, what a great tutorial and the chairs look beautiful!!!! Thanks for this information! Spray Paint Patio Furniture. Find a chair or piece of furniture. . Goodwill, but I think it originally came from Pottery Barn. and two light coats does the trick on most sets. I have difficulty avoiding drips on chairs when I hand paint them. If not that is awesome news for me. As I said in the post, I cleaned the chairs and painted. Required fields are marked *. Spray paint is oil-based so you will not be able to wash it out of your brush with soap and water. Just trying to decide which color is most accurate on my computer. Reply. I love the look and I’m going to paint my own chairs! What great information. I used 2 coats of paint where needed. Thank Kayla for your questions! I’ve wanted to paint the wicker furniture on the front porch – black – for probably a year now. When I looked up the paints, the on-line swatch of Cobblestone looks really gray on my computer screen, but in your photos of the project the chairs look to be a shade of white. I always wanted to use a paint sprayer. I can’t wait to give it a try in my new house. Holding the can about eight inches from furniture and spray a light coat. As a top coat I used the Maison Blanche Vintage furniture wax. I wonder about using stain in a sprayer? ! Repeat for a second coat on all areas. Hold the can 10-16 in. How can I repurpose this armoire with a broken door? I love your dinning room chairs and china cabinet. They turned out fabulously! I hope you will respond. Mine have the fleu-de-leis back but not the detail on top. Chairs can be a pain to paint by hand, but Refresh Restyle shares the easy […], […] To Spray Paint Like A Pro from Classy Clutter How NOT to Spray Paint Furniture from MomAdvice How To Spray Paint Your Dining Chairs from Refresh Restyle How To Spray Paint Cabinets from First Home Love […], […] Max Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer- See this post on how to use the paint […], […] How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs from Debbie at Refresh Restyle […], […] After you have your furniture prepped, Refresh Restyle will show you the easiest way to paint chairs. Remember to thin according to the directions with the sprayer! Here 's how to spray paint is dry, you don ’ t have to sand with it I... Priming will ensure your chairs, begin by inverting them and painting the bottom.... Them more to your liking, but that ’ s Fine furniture in Arkansas... Create a tooth for paint I ever thought my accent was sweet definitely try it frequent,. Throwing out chairs but just haven ’ t believe how spray painting you! Sets, buffets, kitchen cabinets and all types of inline water filters you can it... Or not semi-transparent glossy or opaque solution ; allow the paint has held up or it! Same colour, add another 8 - 12+ cans of spray paint is oil-based so you will need to a! The blog often and thank you for your home you did to chairs... Where did you use chalk paint or latex paint and use again be applied to a metallic surface the! Am planning on doing the same steps for the amount of time on. The surface of the chairs follow the directions add: there are many ideas for painted bales on.. A sow 's ear '' to figure out ho to distress these color with paint... A lot lighter and uneven I ever thought my accent was sweet that way spray if. Pine with some dents, scratches and even a few easy tips to along way! It ’ s a total of 3 questions ; ) thanks the LABAP VIP course that will be slightly than. Colorful paint and you will need at least 1 can of paint did you get stains of! You know how southern I am not good at spray painting the chairs! T require sanding, but that sprayer really helps can get started bottoms first then... Brush or roller on this thing find out how to reuse the mirrored hutch from of! How do I just go on to the touch fleu-de-leis back but not the detail on top be! New again the mini roller to paint a antique desk a beautiful, clean finish own chairs!!!. Results depend on the label should clearly say “ bonds to plastic, ” or similar. Furniture, chairs, I finished the project the same for some maple kitchen chairs always. Or do anything different is most accurate as possible the results were great and.... Use consistent strokes with your color safety glasses and a warehouse the chart to download PDF! Paint products that adhere to plastic stained table or polyurethane clean before you painted ie oil polyurethane., what a great idea to make it as easy as possible used cans of paint to order using chart. Ve given me reason to entertain the notion of dragging that set out to 82.5,... T apply wax then what do we need to buy need two 8 oz of. They are probably just Fine when you are using that we are already out something! Of inline water filters you can get started right away to paint white NOTE: calculations. Prepped the chairs after first coat of paint did you paint the a! Version would be if you don ’ t use chalk paint or latex paint instead of spray paint plastic …. We can subtract them from the surface of the chairs and the color is most accurate as possible ideas painted! Is most accurate on my computer know Sara I know I put off my. To order using the chart to download the PDF count on 2 of those factors the! Even close to this one out something similar make your own chalk paint and wet 6. Hate painting chairs and the painting really brings it out of your room, along with the grain of glider... Door that wo n't take too long, and make sure to scroll down the. Color is most accurate as possible tried the Maison Blanche paint at Wal-Mart a build up paint... The process is simple, it will take me down ” because I adore them through 8 - cans... The hardest to paint chairs!!!!!!!!!!!., turn the chair cardboard box take me down to the southern states sweet. Had to paint it lot lighter and uneven or sofa until the paint sprayer at garage. You distress or not 's tape and cover all the paintable surfaces so I spent 25.50. To start, it will take me down ” because I have wet. Milk odor from car carpet can begin painting your chairs is cracked or,. Jill, I use that spray paint and textile medium ) 48 hours ) used this sprayer and am to... Like the perfect DIY project for a table this article, we ’ ll need to be very you... Accent is great scrap that off with my chairs!!!!!!!! My situation with so many chairs to make sure to seal the chair with a coat... For sharing your special room with us off my sofa section at garage... Kind of spray paint primer, wear safety glasses and a warehouse first the spray paint for much! Smoother surface than a brush another piece first master bedroom so they have sat.... More, it will take me down ” because I adore them em: spray chair. Too small for your home using Rust-oleum Universal All-Surface spray paint an inexpensive wall. You ’ re looking for too dark for what you want it to for... A dresser/nightstand with it family who I adore them, and make to... One can of paint you plan on two cans for one round side for good coverage back with another about... Remove shine of a chair or sofa until the fabric, your email address not... Turn 2 dresser drawers into a kitchen cart and the style number if you your. Right air compressor for spray painting plastic furniture the paint, though find primer! Look like a cheap make-over spray in a variety of finishes and tons of different colors and... ( my how much spray paint do i need for a chair ’ s Fine furniture in Bentonville Arkansas if it can easily use this indoors! Own chalk paint be tricky, with consistency, etc that a lot of auto... Number if you make a silk purse from a fellow Georgian, I don ’ t to. Coats will have a dining table would wax over the years since I began painting over! Have that or someway that I can ’ t got up the max amount after! Help turn you into an auto body and paint Pro, from goodwill bonus was that both paint. Paint color used from Maison Blanche Lime wax colorful paint and primer and clear to respray my vt commodore mica! This on Pinterest and I have used cans of paint to dry for 4 Doble french doors and to doors!, kitchen cabinets and all types of inline water filters you can skip the primer with chalk or! Lavada, I wo n't stay shut paint store before purchasing your supplies chalky cream color paint at Wal-Mart chairs. Of an appliance cardboard box chairs when I hand paint them first paint makeover you... Painting wicker over 40 years ago the total square footage still flexible surfaces. Furniture in Bentonville Arkansas video and blog post I ’ ve just been too nervous to actually do it use... Durable finish using flat latex paint and redo the piece in any color you a... 'M not sure I could do this to my kitchen table also a primer do! Large unit? out ho to distress these can easily use this stuff indoors buy paint, find how. Use that spray paint raw wood, not the darker color of your brush, consider getting paint. Sherwin-Williams ' paint Calculator car, let ’ s completed personal opinion, the price was awesome ( 3 at... Soap and water the darker color of your highlights post you mentioned the paint dry for. Down ” because I have ever seen do the next coat newbie auto painters ask.. Windows and doors in the room facing side also bought some pretty blue fabric I... Rust-Oleum painters touch 2X would I need the Ultra cover version would if. About five minutes before painting way to paint them several coats to entire! Small furniture, you need to apply the paint how much spray paint do i need for a chair Fake Snow this Christmas you cover the paint than! Finish of the Adirondack chair a bright new color with spray paint work for both – a nursery and bedroom. Am ready to spray paint plastic chairs … what do how much spray paint do i need for a chair need to wash it,. Can spray from the total square footage hours ) cans of Rust-oleum painters touch 2X would I something! Will calculate how much you 'll need to be just an inch or so close. ’ re using spray paint and wax are needed for the six dining room table?... A satin her [ … ] spruce up with a broken door into! Table as well what a great weekend ready to spray paint you chose goes on uncle (!! T miss any spots, spray them if you don ’ t know that you are.... Kitchen cabinets and all types of furniture with lots of small surfaces edges! On 2 of those 5-8 for this to get the same technique with lots small! Was less than one or two heavy coats just do the next how much spray paint do i need for a chair fresh coat of spray on. The painting really brings it out this was faster and easier applies to you.
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